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New Millennium Marble & Granite
New Millennium Marble & Granite
New Millennium Marble & Granite

Marble | Natural Stone

Marble is a popular selection among homeowners. Used for kitchen counter tops, wet bars and in the bathroom, it will blend with metal, tile, and wood with equal ease.

Marble + Kitchens = Special Care

The enormous variety of colors and patterns make it a favorite with interior designers. However we in Australia tend to have an uptight – (in want of a better word) attitude towards Marble as Counter tops. We tend to tippy toe around and revere them. This is not the case in Europe, they celebrate the marble, holding parties to break in the tops, where the spillage of wine etc… is encouraged to create its own unique character, and only after the marble has obtained these characteristics, does its life within the home begin.

If the European way is not for you, then Kitchens are an area of the home where marble must be treated with special care. Because of the porous nature of this type of stone, it is susceptible to staining and cracking. There are, however stone care products specifically formulated for marble to keep out moisture which in turn reduces stains. You should also be aware that marble is soft enough to be easily scratched and reacts to even weak acids like vinegar and lemon juice by eroding.

Rolling out pastry on the marble counter is fine, but using it as a cutting board will leave marks. You will also have to be careful to wipe up any spills immediately and always protect the stone surface from hot pots and pans as this may lead to thermal shock, causing the stone to crack. Use filtered water to clean the counters daily (hard water contains minerals that can cause unsightly buildup). Gumption can be used for gentle scrubbing if needed. It is often recommended that marble be left unpolished (honed) as this tends to make damage less noticeable. However, many people prefer the shiny look of polished marble despite the greater care that must be taken to keep it in good condition.

Application Rating Reason
Commercial Use Soft stone, easily scratched
Bathrooms / Showers Beauty / Colour
Kitchen Soft stone easily scratched, marked. Acid Etching.
Floor Tiles Beauty / Colour
Exposed Outdoors  
* Ratings are used as a guide, individual applications may vary

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