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New Millennium Marble & Granite
New Millennium Marble & Granite
New Millennium Marble & Granite

Man Made, Reconstituted and Engineered Stone

Engineered Stone and its continuity of colour and pattern make it a fantastic choice for the modern streamline look that is so popular in today’s market.

Kitchen + Engineered Stone = Fantastic

Its resistance to staining, mold and mildew, coupled with its virtually indestructible nature, makes its application perfect for Kitchen, Vanity Bench Tops.

Whatever name you wish to call it. Recononstitued Stone is taking the stone industry by storm.
Made from up to 93% percent Quartz, resin compounds, colouring and other substances, this stone product, is extremely popular for a variety of reasons.

Often cheaper than natural stone it is also non-porous making it resistant to staining, mold and mildew. Its surface is tough, resisting marking and scratching. This material is strong with some flexiblility.

Unlike natural stone its colours are consistent from batch to batch, which makes matching the stone extremely easy. However because reconstituted Stone is relatively new to the market the life spand of the product is unknown.

Application Rating Reason
Commercial Use Colour Range / Tough / Versatile.
Bathrooms / Showers Colour Range / Tough / Versatile.
Kitchen Colour Range / Tough / Versatile.
Floor Tiles Colour Range / Tough / Versatile.
Exposed Outdoors Please refer to manufacturer.
* Ratings are used as a guide, individual applications may vary
Engineered Stone Options

There are various manufacturers and importers of engineered stone, each with their own varying range of colours and textures.   For more information on these types of products please follow the links.

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